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Credit Repair Services

Don’t let your credit hold you back!

Nikki Laura Services has partnered with  Credit Guide 911, a company that provides solutions to establish, repair, and rebuild your credit. We will partner together to put your credit in the right place to move your life and/or business forward! A summary of the basic credit repair service is below. We have additional packages available depending upon your credit needs. Contact Nikki Laura TODAY to get started!


Credit Dispute Service $500 ($300 to start, $200 after 30-45 days when we get results)

We will go through the process to dispute and attempt to remove any and all negative information that is showing up on your credit reports. This includes collections, public records, charged-off accounts, repossessions, foreclosures, and late payments, Etc. After you sign the agreement and make the first payment, we will send you an email requesting that you sign up for a website called Privacy Guard that will provide us with a 3-bureau credit report, and all the information that we need in order to do the credit repair process. Each dispute process takes 30-45 days. The average time to complete a credit repair file is 4-6 months (with no communication gaps or delay in making 2nd payment), also depending on the amount of negative information your credit reports contain.

We can’t guarantee specific results or that certain accounts will be removed for sure.