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Unless there has been a change to your finical status that is different from what the IRS used to calculate your eligibility, you will not have to repay any AFT payments received during 2021. Those who opted not to receive the monthly payments will be able to take advantage of the fully refundable credit this tax season. Still good news if you did receive monthly payments, you still get to claim the remaining balance of this fully refundable credit on your tax return this season.

No. There is no way to expedite your refund from the IRS. RAL is a Loan against your pending refund from the IRS. The bank will charge fees and or interest which will be added to your preparation fees.

If there is not an immediate need to receive your refund in less than 14-21 days, then it will save you much money if you opt to have your refund direct deposited within 14-21 days after IRS acceptance. RAL’s are available to assist those in need of more immediate funding. The cost and fees will decrease the over value of your refund. Therefore, it is best to wait for a direct deposit from the IRS if possible.

This is a letter showing the total amount of ACTC payments received in 2021. This letter will need to be provided to your tax preparer. This is only for information purposes and is not a bill requiring payment.

Probably not. If your PPP loan was forgiven, then the proceeds from the loan will also be excluded from federal income reported. This however only applies to your federal tax return. Certain states are requiring or will be requiring the loan amounts to be reported and possibly taxed.

No. These are grants that do not have to be reported or repaid.

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